StayTeen: Assisting Youths Prepare Informed Decisions Regarding Their Future

The 411: Since 2006, has been the # 1 site for kids, promoting these to appreciate their unique youthfulness and also make life’s biggest selections, like when you should have intercourse, if they’re definitely prepared, along with a revamped appearance, they may be performing that a lot better than actually ever.

Whenever teens want someplace to visit learn about sex, pregnancy, relationships etc, they don’t actually check-out government websites. They demand a spot of their own, that’s exactly why was actually formed.

For the past nine years, Stay teenage was the go-to resource for kids, a particular just right the world-wide-web only for all of them in which they’re able to get information that handles the issues they love probably the most without leading them to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

These days, Stay Teen is actually debuting a whole new appearance many new functions, with an important focus becoming quality content.

“we are actually excited about it because we have discovered plenty with what the audience needs and wants, so we’ve specially put an emphasis on community,” mentioned Jessica Sheets Pika, director of marketing and sales communications. “we realize young adults like to talk about these things, however in a place that’s as well as non-judgmental, therefore we made a proper work on centering on permitting teenagers to discuss producing a space in which they could ask many concerns and determine solutions.”

Stay teenage’s users vary in years from 13 to 17, but the website adapts its posts with regards to the age amount and circumstance. In keeping with this theme, keep teenage offer even more content that’s published by teenagers, such as subjects like staying away from maternity and soon you’re ready, establishing healthy interactions, handling breakups and much more.

“all those conditions that cope with intercourse, relationships, matchmaking and any such thing under that massive umbrella is really everything we explore, and then we try to pay attention to doing it in a way that is very teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika said.

We spoke with Sheets Pika to get more details about what the fresh new website entails, plus the successful sources Stay teenage will continue to offer.

Placing teens for the motorist’s seat

While keep Teen’s most popular post is actually “Should I Get Pregnant If…?” the new web site will take care of an even broader range of subjects, including the dangers of unsafe sex, how to choose the best form of birth control individually and the ways to talk about those issues with your physician.

“That post features actually revealed all of us our target is actually exploring sex as well as their sexuality, and they are unsure exactly what the consequences tend to be with this conduct,” Sheets Pika said.

Although not all things are changing.

Stay teenage continues to have some very nice functions with been worthwhile to its audience, such as their own health Center Finder that assists kids locate physicians close by therefore the system Explorer enabling teenagers to learn about various forms of contraception and which one might work ideal for them.

“We think this is actually useful to teenagers because most of the time, they don’t want their parents understand they are acquiring contraceptive, so that they are trying to find out a location capable go that’s low-cost, non-judgmental and some spot they are able to stroll or bus to,” she mentioned. “our very own objective is always to put teenagers inside the motorist’s seat with training themselves on distinct techniques. Our message is actually we desire you to definitely appreciate she or he years and postpone gender until you’re in fact ready, which may mean when you’re more mature.”

Bridging the space between kids and parents

From of use services to enjoyable video games to collaborative events, just like the 14th Annual nationwide Day to stop Teen Pregnancy that motivates men and women to give some thought to exactly how an unexpected pregnancy would alter their unique everyday lives, kids and moms and dads as well tend to be supplied with countless reliable information as a result of Stay teenage.

“adolescents tend to be discovering issues that they don’t or else discover, and many more significantly, these include speaking about the site employing pals, using their boyfriends and, contrary to popular belief, making use of their parents,” Sheets Pika said. “our very own goal would be to have significantly more open and sincere talks among teens and moms and dads.”

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