How to Choose the Best VPN Service

A VPN can protect you from being tracked online by advertisers as well as your ISP. But not all VPNs are to be the same, so it’s crucial to take into consideration the features that are most important for your specific requirements. For instance, if there are multiple devices to safeguard, make sure that the service supports simultaneous connections and if you’re looking for features like multifactor or two-factor authentication search for a provider that provides this feature.

Another consideration is speed; even though many VPN services claim to have high speeds, not all can deliver on their promises. Compare the internet speed test results of VPN providers with the results of other businesses in our database when you’re looking for a VPN. Since VPNs can be used to protect sensitive personal data it is essential to select one with a solid reputation and clear business policies. Mullvad is a top choice in both areas, as it doesn’t overhype its capabilities and clarifies how it protects privacy. It also has unique ways to open an account. You can either pay using cryptocurrency or send the company a cash-stuffed envelope, which ensures that it doesn’t have any personal information about you.

If you’re looking to stream shows or movies You’ll need an VPN that has plenty of servers around the globe that pass our tests for geoblocking. PIA for instance, has more than 84 servers and has one of the fastest download speeds we’ve seen in our tests. This makes it perfect for gaming and streaming. It’s also simple to set up, comes with a user-friendly Android application, and supports split tunneling which allows you to route applications through the VPN as well as other apps to the regular internet.

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