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The clean installation button does exactly the same thing and is far less intrusive Download realtek Drivers | Driver Download & Updates …. Check if you have selected your GPU in device settings . Drivers literally tell your hardware how to handle things. Using a driver that’s outdated and doesn’t know about newer things will completely ruin your performance whether you want to believe it or not. To give you more idea, here are the affected Kepler-based Nvidia GPUs that would no longer have the advanced Game Ready driver version.

Nvidia also offers a driver-based spatial upscaler called Nvidia Image Scaling to help boost performance for all your games. It boosts performance by rendering your game at a lower resolution, and then upscales and sharpens to match your monitor’s native resolution. You can enable this feature manually in the Control Panel and then set the in-game resolution to match, or simply enable it automatically through GeForce Experience. To get the latest Windows 11 driver, you may need to go to the NVIDIA website to find the driver for to your specific Windows version and device model. To get the latest driver, including Windows 11 drivers, you can choose from the above list of most popular NVIDIA downloads. Click the “Download driver” button next to the matching model name.

Can I Uninstall Nvidia Update?

However, this process may leave some residual files behind. So, you’ll have to perform the process manually or rely on third-party programs to complete the task. If you don’t install the correct GPU drivers, your system will soon face crashes, stuttering, screen flickering, artifacts showing up on your monitor, frame drops, and so on.

  • It will install the newest driver again an WU should leave you alone afterwards.
  • To do so, try Advanced Driver Updater, one of the best driver updaters for Windows PC.
  • In this part I have simplified the description of the necessary steps, and then explain them in detail.

The average is just slightly worse, but the lower 1% and 0.1% frame times are noticeably worse, indicating an increase on game stuttering and less smooth gameplay. Actual gameplay feels in line with the previous driver. Following the same trend of the other DX11 games, Arkham Knight is performing slightly worse than the previous driver. While the average performance is only slightly up – nothing significant – the Lower Frame times are better by a good amount. That means a more stable gameplay, with less game spikes and stuttering all around. It looks like The Division 2 under DX12 is definitely performing a bit better with this driver.


Top Deals options – 6 groups of items – 24 total selections

You can click the Uninstall button from the top bar. You can repeat the same steps for any other software Nvidia placed on your computer. Driver Easy is a driver updating tool that also offers “Driver Uninstall” feature to help users remove unwanted drivers. As a driver updater tool, it also can detect and update outdated drivers, backup and restore drivers, and check system information. But many features are only available to PRO users including driver uninstalling. If you have problems uninstalling NVIDIA drivers from your device, booting Windows in safe mode and uninstalling may solve the issue.

Uninstall NVIDIA Graphics driver

After logging in, go to the Drivers tab within the tool and hit the “CHECK FOR UPDATES” button. This will install the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers on your PC. The results will show you the latest and best drivers available for the NVIDIA graphic chipset installed on your PC.

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