Corporate Governance Online Tools

Tools for corporate governance online are helping companies make their boardrooms more accessible and accountable. In the wake of major corporate collapses like Enron and WorldCom investors, regulators, shareholders and shareholders are demanding greater transparency and accountability from boards. To meet these demands, board directors must embrace technology that allows them to manage their business more efficiently from any part of the world.

One tool that’s causing waves in the area of corporate governance is the board portal online, that serves as a central repository to store meeting materials for committee and board meetings, which include agendas and board books to committee charters, minutes as well as financial reports, strategic plans and other important documents. The top portals also provide an electronic workflow that lets directors easily collaborate and communicate with their colleagues, even when they’re not in the same room.

Other tools for governance are full corporate databases to manage filings needed for each country’s entity requirements, maintain meeting records including minutes and resolutions, as well as templates for consent and resignation. Certain platforms let users highlight potential conflicts of interest that they might have and provide a form that allows them to declare these in advance of meeting of shareholders and board members.

Precisely, a vendor of software for data governance offers a suite of products that includes its Data360 Governance and metadata management tools. The aim is to create trust with your company’s data assets. The tool automates the workflows of managing data, and allows you to design and implement policies. It also extracts and imports metadata from your back-end systems and other tools, and provides visual views of data lineage.

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