Protect Your Intellectual Property With a Data Room

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets a business owns. Although it is generally considered to be intangible, its value can be greater than physical assets and real estate a company owns. Therefore, protecting and managing this data is vital. To protect your data selecting a business that offers world-class security is paramount. A company that can seamlessly upload and edit your files is essential. Additionally, a company with the capability of providing 24×7 customer service and is supported by the highest reputation for uptime is essential.

The aim of an online data room is to reduce the stress caused by due diligence by providing a central repository to exchange sensitive and confidential information between different parties in a transaction, such as an M&A or fundraising, or an initial public offering (IPO). Virtual data rooms are likely to contain financial records, contracts and IP documents. They could also contain designs protocols, clinical trial reports as well as patent office records and research notebooks.

In the past, this kind of data would have been stored in a physical space where buyers had to schedule appointments and travel to access these documents. Many companies now use virtual datarooms to store and offer secure access to these documents. The specially designed platform is an affordable alternative to setting up and policing physical spaces. Apart from storing and allowing access to documents, the software offers features like customized templates, ways to efficiently sort and manage documents, permission settings, analytics and tracking tools and watermarking of downloaded files.

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