How to Keep Data Secure

Data theft is one of the main concerns facing organizations. Stolen information can be used for identity fraud, government or corporate spying, and even ransomware.

With big-name companies like Uber and Tik Tok suffering from massive data breaches and the importance of keeping personal information of customers secure is at an all-time high. In a time when consumers are expected to use their personal data when creating accounts, purchasing items online or filling out tax documents, companies must ensure that the information they collect is secure from cybercriminals.

A business can make variety of changes to keep its data secure, from encryption of all data to establishing an incident response plan for an incident. These strategies can be applied across the organization and lower the chance of data theft.

1. Develop and implement strict standards for security.

It is essential that each employee is aware of the importance of safeguarding personal data of the company. This includes establishing strong password policies and making sure that the software you use is updated to the most current version. Many attacks on hackers are based on outdated systems, so regular updates to your software is a quick method to protect yourself from these vulnerabilities from being exploited.

2. Secure your data both in use and at rest.

Encryption is a powerful weapon against data breaches. Every business should implement an policy that secures all data during transit and in rest. This can be achieved by encrypting the data that is on the network, or using encrypted tunnels such as VPNs.

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