Board Meeting Tips – How to Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

Your board of directors plays an essential role in the success of your community. Making the most of your board meetings begins with planning and preparation. Here are a few important board meeting tips to assist you in being more productive:

Make a detailed agenda and distribute it before the meeting. This gives board members a chance to review the agenda in advance and ask questions. They can also prepare for the discussion.

It is a good idea to hold your board meetings in a public setting like the local library or a conference room at an area business. This will minimize distractions like children, pets and the ringing of phones, which can distract a discussion.

Ensure that someone is tasked with taking minutes in a detailed manner during the meeting. This will ensure that important decisions are recorded, and the board will keep track of the discussion.

Limit the amount of time allocated for each item on the agenda to ensure that the meeting stays on track and avoid diverging topics. If you think that a particular item on the agenda is slowing down, move it to “parking lots” to discuss later. This will keep the main issues front and center.

Discuss the process of making decisions during the meeting. Whether it’s through consensus or voting, this will ensure that everyone understands what’s being discussed and can take part in the discussion.

Encourage C-level officers and their staff to attend the meeting so that they can share their expertise. This will enable the board to hear directly the people closest to the action and who are best equipped to offer suggestions.

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