Merger Integration Conference

M&A deals are a fantastic opportunity to grow your business, but also present an array of unique challenges. Speakers will share the best techniques and strategies to overcome the most common hurdles that occur during M&A integration.

Speakers will share their tips from their own experiences and also those of other serial acquirers, on how to ensure a smooth post-close transition and deliver on shareholder expectations. The speakers will cover a wide spectrum of topics such as how to set the right priorities, handle resistance to change and how to identify and leverage acquired talent.

The most crucial factor in success is find out here creating the vision and the general principles that guide the combined company. It is essential to identify the value drivers which will be a part of these guiding principles as well as drive an integrated strategy. Having a clear grasp of executive leadership’s priorities from the beginning promotes program alignment throughout the integration.

The success of M&A integrations depend on a deep understanding of the impact that culture has on an organization as well as the capability of forming an integrated workforce which leverages the strengths and capabilities of each organization. Additionally an integrated plan must be developed and continuously updated to cover the entire spectrum of issues, starting from day one to closing synergies.

It is vital to maintain momentum during the integration process. A slowing down can devalue the worth of a transaction. Also, employees who are already suffering from anxiety levels could perceive delays as an indicator of instability. To avoid this, it’s crucial to have a strong IMO who continuously coordinates workstreams and promotes forward progress.

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