Mergers Acquisitions Blog

Mergers Acquisitions Blog

M&As can sound like buzzwords in the world of business, but they can have a significant impact on a company’s growth strategy as well as its survival and success. M&As can be pursued for either financial or strategic reasons, and come in a variety of ways. A company might want to establish a new market or acquire expertise or intellectual property, or even enter the healthcare sector. In some cases businesses may have to replace the retiring Baby Boomers with more experienced and skilled employees.

The majority of private M&A deals are designed to involve the acquisition of assets rather than shares. Stock Purchase Agreements Securities Purchase Agreements, or SPA are the most commonly used names for the principal contract that governs these deals. This article focuses on a few of the key characteristics of these agreements.

Anyone who is looking to expand their business via acquisitions should have a solid understanding of M&As. Explore our courses in our Leading with Finance portfolio to develop your toolkit for making more informed financial decisions. The sooner you begin to consider the financial consequences of M&A, the better equipped you will be to avoid common mistakes. M&As can be complex, time-consuming and challenging to execute. If executed correctly, an M&A, however, can create a huge value for your business with the right plan.

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