Planning an Online Board Meeting

When organizing an online board meeting, organizers need to be aware of the latest technological requirements. This can be accomplished by evaluating any new technology beforehand with a group. Many board members utilize this method to eliminate audio-visual issues that can arise during a meeting. Some members may also have someone designated to help with any issues.

Organizers need to make sure the meeting is accessible by all participants, regardless of the location or device. Distributing additional materials, such as an editable agenda and board management software before the meeting begins will help in this. It is essential to encourage attendees from remote locations to join the meeting by allowing them chat or even leave voice comments. It is also essential to adhere to the rules of board meeting conduct and avoid interrupting other members during their speaking time.

It is vital that the discussion stays on topic and that the board is focused on its objectives. One method to keep this in mind is to limit the length of each discussion item. You can also define the goal of each discussion item for example, reaching a decision, creating ideas, or sharing an update. A good way to control the discussion is by creating an agenda beforehand and indicating the desired length of each item.

Lastly, it is essential to record the outcome of any discussion and include the names of each participant. The minutes must be reviewed and proofread prior to distribution.

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