Avast is Blocking Websites – How to Fix Avast Blocking Websites

Avast is a program designed to protect you computer from viruses and malware. It has a number of different modules that work together to scan apps, files, and websites for any malicious code or unsafe behavior. If it finds an issue, it shuts down websites or files. It also moves all potentially dangerous downloads into quarantine which is where they are hidden from your computer until you manually decide to approve the download.

Avast can be a bit overzealous, and block data room websites that are secure. This can be irritating and even cause some issues with certain programs on your computer. It is easy to repair avast if it’s blocking certain websites.

You can overcome this issue by adding the blocked website to a list within Avast. This can be done by clicking the menu icon and then selecting Settings. Select protection and then core shields. Scroll down until you reach web shield. In the web shield selection click the Add an exception button and then enter the URL of the website that you wish to connect to.

Avast is an excellent antivirus program that guards your computer effectively. It offers a range of different features that work together to keep you safe and can be a bit overzealous at times. You can adjust the settings to increase accuracy or disable certain features in case you don’t like how they work.

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