How to Facilitate a Borad Meeting Online

Board meetings online can provide more accessibility than traditional meetings however there are a few things that nonprofits must keep in mind. Board members who aren’t comfortable with virtual meetings might need assistance with navigating the technology. Additionally, certain things that can be done in person might not be possible during an online meeting, such as physically handing documents or displaying content using flipcharts or whiteboards.

Choosing the right meeting management software is vital to your success, so be sure that the system you choose is secure, accessible and easy-to-use. Encourage your attendees out their audio and video equipment before the meeting begins and to disable their microphones when not being used. Moderators is also a good idea. This person can make sure that all the above systems are functioning well and help you if something does go wrong during the meeting.

When it comes to hosting remote boards the most important thing is to keep the discussion moving. This is easier to do by regularly checking in with the remote participants and ask them for their thoughts. Additionally, you should encourage participants to participate in the meeting and to see this express their views. This will improve participation and collaboration in your online board meetings. It is important to conclude every meeting by asking for feedback. This allows participants to share their thoughts with you in a way that isn’t intimidating or overwhelming.

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